Pig Beach in the Best Bahamas island

Welcome to Pig Beach, an enchanting and whimsical destination in the Exuma Cays of the Bahamas! Here, the turquoise waters are not just home to coral reefs and marine life; they are shared with a group of friendly and adorable swimming pigs. For travelers seeking a truly unique experience, Pig Beach offers an unforgettable adventure. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Meet the Swimming Pigs:

  • The main attraction! Encounter the famous swimming pigs up close. These friendly and photogenic pigs have become social media stars, making a splash with their playful antics in the clear blue waters.

2. Boat Tours and Excursions:

  • Explore pig Beach as part of a boat tour around the Exuma Cays. Many tours not only take you to swim with the pigs but also offer opportunities to visit neighboring islands, caves, and underwater grottos.

3. Feeding and Interaction:

  • Participate in the unique experience of feeding the pigs. Many boat tours provide food to interact with these charming animals, creating memorable moments and fantastic photo opportunities.

4. Snorkeling Adventures:

  • Dive into the surrounding waters for a snorkeling adventure. Discover the vibrant marine life beneath the surface, from colorful fish to coral formations, creating a well-rounded aquatic experience.

5. Iguana Encounters:

  • Extend your wildlife encounters by visiting nearby islands where you can meet Bahamian Rock Iguanas. These fascinating reptiles add an extra layer of uniqueness to your journey.

6. Photography Opportunities:

  • Capture the magic with a camera or smartphone, creating lasting memories of your time with these charming pigs against the backdrop of the Bahamian seascape.

7. Educational Insights:

  • Some tours provide educational talks about the history of the pigs on the island, their conservation, and the efforts to protect this unique and beloved community.

8. Beach Relaxation:

  • Take a moment to unwind on the sandy shores. Many tours allow for a beach picnic or relaxation time, offering a chance to soak in the sun and enjoy the serene surroundings.

9. Sunset Cruises:

  • Wrap up your day with a sunset cruise around the Exuma Cays. Witness the sky ablaze with colors as the sun sets, creating a magical and romantic end to your Pig Beach adventure.

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Best time to visit Pig Beach

The best time to visit Pig Beach in the Bahamas is during the dry season, which typically runs from December to April. During this period, the weather is more predictable, with lower chances of rainfall and milder temperatures. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Dry Season (December to April):
    • This period experiences less rainfall and more stable weather conditions, making it an ideal time for water activities and excursions to Pig Beach.
  2. Mild Temperatures:
    • The temperatures during the dry season are generally comfortable, ranging from the mid-70s to mid-80s Fahrenheit (24-30°C), providing pleasant conditions for outdoor activities.
  3. Clearer Waters:
    • The dry season often results in clearer and calmer waters, enhancing the overall experience of swimming and snorkeling with the pigs.
  4. High Season:
    • Keep in mind that the dry season coincides with the high tourist season in the Bahamas. While this means more people, it also ensures that services and amenities are readily available.
  5. Avoid Hurricane Season:
    • Hurricane season in the Atlantic runs from June to November, with the highest risk of storms occurring from August to October. It’s advisable to avoid Pig Beach during this period due to the potential for adverse weather conditions.
  6. Consider Crowds:
    • Pig Beach is a popular attraction, so even during the dry season, it’s wise to plan your visit during weekdays or non-peak hours to avoid larger crowds.

While the dry season is generally recommended, Pig Beach is accessible and enjoyable throughout the year. If you prefer quieter surroundings, you might consider visiting during the shoulder seasons (May and November), keeping in mind the potential for occasional rainfall. Always check the weather forecast before planning your trip, and be aware of any local events or holidays that may influence visitor numbers.

currency details of Pig Beach

The official currency used in the Bahamas, including Pig Beach, is the Bahamian Dollar (BSD). The Bahamian Dollar is abbreviated as B$ or BSD, and it is pegged to the United States Dollar (USD) at a rate of 1:1, meaning that both currencies are widely accepted and interchangeable.

While the U.S. Dollar is commonly accepted in many places, it’s advisable to have some Bahamian Dollars on hand, especially if you plan to explore more remote areas or engage in transactions with local vendors. Credit cards are widely accepted in tourist areas, but it’s always a good idea to inform your bank about your travel plans to avoid any issues with card transactions.

Keep in mind that Pig Beach itself is not a developed tourist infrastructure but rather a natural attraction on Big Major Cay. For any currency-related transactions or purchases, it’s recommended to handle them before arriving at Pig Beach, either on the mainland or in other developed areas of the Bahamas.

food options in pig beach

Pig Beach is mostly a natural attraction recognized for its swimming pigs. It is situated on Big Major Cay in the Exuma Cays of the Bahamas. However, there are not plenty of dining options directly on Pig Beach because it’s not a developed tourist destination. Usually, guests make reservations for meals in advance or depend on boat tours, which might offer some snacks or drinks.

Here are some suggestions for food options when planning a visit to Pig Beach:

  1. Bring Your Own Picnic:
    • Prepare a picnic with your favorite snacks, sandwiches, and beverages before heading to Pig Beach. Ensure that your food is securely packed to prevent any unwanted attention from the pigs.
  2. Boat Tours and Excursions:
    • Many boat tours and excursions to Pig Beach include refreshments or meals as part of the package. Check with the tour operator in advance to confirm what is provided and plan accordingly.
  3. Local Restaurants on Nearby Islands:
    • If you’re exploring the Exuma Cays as part of a larger itinerary, you may find local restaurants on nearby islands that offer Bahamian cuisine. Places like Staniel Cay or Great Exuma could be options for a meal before or after visiting Pig Beach.
  4. Snacks and Refreshments:
    • Bring a cooler with snacks, fruits, and beverages to keep yourself refreshed during your time on Pig Beach. Consider non-perishable items and lots of water.
  5. Catered Tours:
    • Some tour operators offer catered experiences, providing a variety of food and drink options during your boat trip to Pig Beach. Check with tour providers in advance to explore these options.
  6. Local Markets:
    • If you are staying in a nearby settlement, you can explore local markets to purchase fresh produce, snacks, and other essentials before heading to Pig Beach.


Pig Beach in the Bahamas stands as a testament to the extraordinary wonders nature can offer. This unique destination provides an enchanting experience where crystal-clear waters meet the charm of the Bahamas’ famous swimming pigs. Whether you’re an animal lover, a beach enthusiast, or simply seeking a one-of-a-kind adventure, Pig Beach promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of island magic.


What is Pig Beach, and why is it a must-visit in the Bahamas?

Pig Beach is a unique spot in the Exuma Cays where wild pigs roam the pristine white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. It’s a must-visit for its surreal experience of swimming with these friendly swine in their natural habitat.

How do you get to Pig Beach from the main islands of the Bahamas?

Most visitors reach Pig Beach by boat, either through organized tours or private charters. The Exuma Cays offer a range of transportation options to ensure a memorable journey to this extraordinary location.

Can you feed or interact with the pigs at Pig Beach?

While interacting with the pigs is encouraged, it’s important to follow guidelines to ensure their well-being. Feeding them is allowed but with caution, using approved food. Respectful interaction is key to preserving the unique charm of Pig Beach.

Are there other attractions near Pig Beach on the Bahamas island?

Absolutely, the Bahamas, being an archipelago of stunning islands, offers a plethora of attractions. Nearby, you can explore the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, snorkel at Thunderball Grotto, or relax on the beautiful beaches of Staniel Cay.

What is the best time to visit Pig Beach for an optimal experience?

The best time to visit Pig Beach is during the dry season, from December to April, when the weather is pleasant, and the seas are calm. However, it’s a year-round destination, and each season offers a unique charm.

How do the pigs end up on Pig Beach, and are they native to the Bahamas?

The origin of the pigs on Pig Beach is a bit of a mystery, with various theories. While not native to the Bahamas, the pigs have become a beloved attraction, creating a fascinating blend of wildlife and beach experience.

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