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Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Corsica

Places To Visit In Corsica

Corsica, situated in the Mediterranean Sea above Sardinia, is a breathtaking island renowned for its stunning landscapes and diverse attractions. From the medieval charm of Bonifacio perched atop limestone cliffs to the pristine beaches of Palombaggia and Santa Giulia, Corsica offers a captivating blend of history, nature, and adventure.

Explore its rugged mountains, including the jagged peaks of Aiguilles de Bavella and the scenic Restonica Valley with its alpine lakes. Visit charming towns like L’Île-Rousse and Calvi, steeped in history and boasting picturesque citadels. Discover Ajaccio, birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, and marvel at the sunset views from Parata Tower.

Don’t miss the striking red cliffs and rock formations of Calanques de Piana, creating a dramatic backdrop for exploration. Whether you’re seeking relaxation on sandy shores or adventure in the mountains, Corsica promises an unforgettable experience for every traveler.

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Corsica


1. Bonifacio


Bonifacio, located in the very south of Corsica, is one of the most unique cities I’ve ever been to. It’s this medieval commune that’s built right on these white Limestone Cliffs that are over 70 M High. A lot of the Limestone has eroded, and some of the buildings are built on an overhang. I mean, it looks like they’re going to fall straight into the sea.

The Bonifacio that you see today was founded around 900 AD when the Citadel was built by the Duke at Tuscany. Now, today, Bonifacio is an impressive town. I really enjoyed walking around the harbor. It was full of boats, and it was really nice to take a stroll on the boardwalk. Now, if you want to reach the main part of Bonifacio, it’s a decent uphill walk. When we got there, we went on this path on the nearby Cliffs and were able to get a great view of the overhang and Citadel.

The old town was really enjoyable to walk through; you definitely feel like you’re taking a stroll back in time. There were also some great viewpoints to see the surrounding scenery. While we were walking around the town, we came across the staircase of the king of Aragon as a steep stairway built straight into the cliffs and allows you to go down to the Sea. It cost about €6 to do it, and they gave us some helmets.

When you reach the bottom, you can continue walking on the pathway. The views of the Mediterranean combined with the Cliffs of Bonifacio are amazing. If you stay around for Sunset, you can drive up to the nearby Cliffs east of Bonifacio and get a spectacular view of the village as the sun lights it up with the orange glow and slowly descends Over the Horizon.

2. Saint Anthony Beach

Saint Anthony Beach

Saint Anthony Beach, this is probably my favorite beach in all of Corsica, and one of the main reasons I wanted to come here. To get to the beach, it’s about a short 10-minute drive from Bonifacio, and then from there, you’ll make a 30-minute hike, with the last part descending down to the beach. When we reached it, I was just so stoked. The massive rock that dominates the beach is so incredible.

I mean, I went here twice; one day the beach was super calm, and the other time it had some decent waves. The water was so warm to swim in, and the clarity was amazing. While I was there, I noticed this cave in the Rock, so I swam over to it to check it out. To my surprise, the cave was actually a tunnel, and it connected to the other side. I mean, I felt like Indiana Jones finding a secret tunnel.

It’s so freaking cool. My only regret was not continuing to swim on the other side. I always get sketched out swimming alone in the ocean. Anyway, instead of swimming, we walked over to the other side, and we found this Grotto that’s only accessible by the Sea. Next time I definitely want to swim into it. We had such a great time at Saint Anthony Beach; the combination of crystal clear waters, green vegetation, and the white rocks is unmatched. I love this beach so much.

3. Palombaggia & Santa Giulia

Palombaggia & Santa Giulia

After, we’re going to visit Palombaggia. Now if you enjoy calm Waters and pristine beaches, Palombaggia is your place. It’s located on the Southeastern Coast about 40 minutes from Bonifacio. Now when you think of the Mediterranean, this is it. It’s such an ideal location home to some world-class beaches. One of my favorite features of Palombaggia was its distinct pine trees that line the coast.

I also loved all these rocks in the sea; it reminded me of the sea shells. While we were here, we found a really nice secluded beach and spent the sunrise there. Afterwards, we went to another one called Santa Giulia, and it was this picturesque Cove with water that was like glass and it was a perfect place to spend that early afternoon. Another nearby Beach is Santa Julia.

It’s a Scenic Cove with a beach that’s situated between this Lake and the crystal-clear Mediterranean sea. I mean, I couldn’t believe the watercolor, and it also had this really cool group of rocks that people were paddleboarding and swimming out to. Definitely a great beach to enjoy a nice afternoon.

4. Mountains & Piscia di Gallo Waterfall

Corsica’s mountains. Corsica may be famous for its beaches, but it’s also home to some of the most incredible mountains in Europe. You can reach some really impressive places in the mountains about an hour’s drive from Bonifacio. A cool place we passed through was Lok D’eal. It’s this Reservoir built high in the mountains. Nearby is the Cascade de Pia de Gallo, it’s the tallest waterfall in Corsica and it can be reached by doing about a 5 km hike.

5. Aiguilles de Bavella

Aiguilles de Bavella

One of my favorite places in Corsica’s mountains was the Aiguilles de Bavella. Aiguilles is the French word for needles, and after seeing those mountains, I totally understand why it’s called that. The area is full of these jagged granite rocks that make up for some of the most beautiful mountains I’ve ever seen. From the village of Bavella, you can walk around and marvel at the mountains.

I was also fascinated by the trees up here; they were so unique looking and created for the most epic landscape combination there is some climbing and hiking trails that you can go on that connect to the GR20 which is this insane trail that goes across Corsica’s Island. Next time I’m there, I definitely love to go on them and get a closer perspective of the Aiguilles de Bavella.

6. Restonica Valley

Restonica Valley

Restonica Valley, located about 30 minutes outside the city of Corte, the Restonica Valley is the scenic spot dominated by mountains on both sides. I mean, I couldn’t believe the scale of this place. At the top, there was a parking lot and a little restaurant, and from there, you can make a hike to Two Lakes.

The first is Lac de Melo and from there you can continue to Lac de Capitello. They’re truly some incredible Alpine Lakes. If you do go to them, expect to take anywhere from 4 to 5 hours to make the round trip track.

7. L’Île-Rousse


L’Île-Rousse now located about an hour’s drive from Corte. L’Île-Rousse is this town on the coast that was founded in 1758 to create a new Port that wasn’t controlled by the Genoese. Now my favorite feature of L’Île-Rousse is the islands that are connected to the mainland by a road. We drove out onto it and then walked around on them. There’s this really cool Lighthouse, but it was temporarily closed. The weather was a little gloomy while here, but if you come around for sunset on a clear day, it looks spectacular.

8. Calvi


Calvi, located about 30 minutes from L’Île-Rousse, Calvi is a picturesque town on Corsica’s Northwestern Coast. Its main feature is the massive Citadel that dominates the town. The Fortress was founded around the 13th century.

Calvi also claims to be the birthplace of Christopher Columbus as it was once part of the Genoese Empire, although most historians believe he was born in Genoa. Anyway, while we were here, I had a great time walking around the Citadel. The architecture was very impressive, and I definitely would have felt protected here during medieval times.

9. Ajaccio & Parata Tower


Ajaccio, located on the west coast of Corsica, Ajaccio is a fascinating City full of history and surrounding Beauty. During medieval times, Ajaccio was in decline until the Genoese decided to rebuild a new city towards the end of the 15th century.

Today, Ajaccio is the biggest city on the island with over 990,000 inhabitants. Now another interesting fact about Ajaccio is that is where Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769. One really cool place located about 30 minutes outside of Ajaccio is the Parata Tower. It’s this massive Genoese tower that offers incredible views of the nearby Islands. It’s a perfect place to go to watch the sunset.

10. Calanques de Piana

Calanques de Piana

Located about an hour and a half from Ajaccio, the Calanques de Piana is this incredible area on the coast home to distinct Red Cliffs and rock formations. There’s this incredibly picturesque road that winds through the rocks and it’s a little tight at times but 100% worth the drive. I enjoyed walking around and marveling at the views. I mean, the Rocks were so unique and beautiful there.



Corsica‘s stunning landscapes, rich history, and diverse attractions offer an unforgettable experience for travelers. From the rugged cliffs of Bonifacio to the idyllic beaches of Palombaggia, and the majestic mountains of Aiguilles de Bavella, each destination showcases the island’s unique allure. Whether exploring ancient citadels, hiking through scenic valleys, or simply enjoying the tranquil shores, Corsica promises an unparalleled adventure. With its breathtaking beauty and endless opportunities for exploration, Corsica truly stands out as a Mediterranean treasure.